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It’s a brand new website! After hastily putting together a very nice looking website last summer, I’ve been wanting to re-organize the website a little bit. My original plan a month or so ago was to simply swap some things around rather quickly, but me being me, I couldn’t do things the simple way. For one thing, I noticed that Squarespace had a new version, Squarespace 7.1. My original site was on Squarespace 7.0. No problem, I should be able to switch it over to the new version easily, right?


After doing a lot of reading about whether it was worth it to make the jump to 7.1 or not, I decided to do it, because somewhere between deciding to update my website and discovering 7.1, I’d decided that I also wanted to completely change up the look of my website. If I was going to rebuild a site on the new version (as you have to do when you switch), I might as well build a brand new design. Again, I never like to do things the simple way.

So after a couple of weeks of mumbling and grumbling and many many Internet searches about any and everything related to Squarespace 7.1 and how to customize it, my brand new website is here. And I love it. And I hope you do, too! Welcome!

(And if you’re interested in licensing patterns or collaborating, one of the nifty new features my site has is a full pattern library to browse through. Just email me to tell me a little about yourself to get access. Hooray!)

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