Rolling On

Hello, it’s me! The terrible blogger. How is it November already? Have I really not posted anything here since June?

But for once I have a good reason! I’ve been busy. During that amount of time, I finally stopped hemming and hawing and started an Etsy shop. After spending way too much time researching and second guessing myself, I opened my shop with minimal fanfare in mid-August. I started out with digital cards using Corjl, and then some time in September I got brave enough to list physical items like pins and stickers.

Somewhere around mid-September I decided to create some one inch I voted buttons. I know I, personally, have been a mail-in voter for awhile and always missed getting an I voted sticker. My county started including a sticker with the mail-in ballot this year, but a button is longer-lasting! And more fun! Those buttons ended up being way more popular than I thought they’d be. I even ended up making three more styles of I voted buttons and spent most of October packaging buttons. I also learned that people really like little pin back buttons. And I like designing them.

The original We Rolled With It card.

The original We Rolled With It card.

Some time in September as I was thinking about how I really needed to get my Christmas cards listed in my Etsy shop to get them all settled into the search and ready for prime time, I came up with an idea for a holiday card. There’s no denying that this year has been weird and hard and exhausting and unlike any other year we’ve ever experienced. (Please wear your masks and social distance!) To commemorate that, I got the idea to draw a stack of toilet paper rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree. And thus my We Rolled With It  Christmas card was born.

I didn’t really expect it to sell that much, but it’s sold a lot. A LOT. The photo card version has also been pretty popular.

Some time last week I noticed that the original We Rolled With It card was selling a lot. I don’t look at my Etsy stats too much, but I dug around a bit and discovered that my card had been featured in Refinery29’s “Unique Christmas Cards You Can Only Find on Etsy.” Not bad for a design I came up with for fun because drawing a stack of toilet paper rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree amused me.

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