A Long December

Or a long year, really. A long weird year. But a long weird year that somehow managed to fly by and drag on all at the same time.

If that even makes sense.

But hey, we made it to New Year’s Eve! There were a lot of very bad, terrible, no good things that happened this year. Living through a global pandemic in a country that isn’t really doing much at all to try to stop the spread? Not great! Do not recommend! 0 stars! Would not re-live again!


There were, however, some good things that happened, like me finally opening an Etsy shop! And having some successful selling I Voted buttons right off the bat! And creating a holiday card with a drawing of a stack of toilet paper in the shape of a Christmas tree that got crazy insanely popular. Quick roundup of a few places that it was featured over the last couple of months: Refinery29, LA Magazine, and USA Today. And those are just the places that I know about. There could be more! Who knows?

(Edit on January 1, 2021: Just this morning my We Rolled With It and How About a Do-Over? cards were featured on Good Morning America.)

All I know is my Etsy shop exploded and it was exciting and also slightly overwhelming. I may or may not still be a little afraid to check my email and Etsy messages in the morning. But it’s okay! It was a learning experience. Not that I plan on ever creating a pandemic-inspired humorous holiday card that will go viral again, but if I do, I will be prepared and will know that instead of creating new products in the month of December, I will spend a majority of the time providing customer service all day long.

Not that I’m complaining! Most of the customers who bought the card were awesome and great to deal with. Thank you to anyone out there who bought my card. I hope you loved it.

I am, however, very much looking forward to January and moving on to creating awesome new things! And stocking my shop with said awesome new things! I have new pinback buttons! And earrings! And keychains! And physical greeting cards that you can hold in your hands and mail to people! Because eventually the mail will get back to normal, I hope.

So there’s a lot to look forward to in the new year as far as my tiny little business goes. And much like every year, I’m hoping to blog more! For real this time! Maybe. I hope. We’ll see.

Happy new year, everyone. Maybe 2021 inspire me to draw other things besides stacks of toilet paper.

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