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Happy Earth Day

A quick little drawing in honor of Earth Day today. I’ve recently been thinking about re-doing my website, something I always think about doing every year when it comes up for renewal at this time, but I think the first thing I should do is use my blog more! And then maybe I can decide if I want to re-do things or not. In the mean time, here is a cute bear hugging Earth for Earth Day. Be kind to the planet today. (And every day.)

Fat Bear Week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s fall, of course, which is the very best season, and we’re a month away from Halloween, which is the very best holiday. But it’s also Fat Bear Week, which is the best. What is Fat Bear Week, you ask? Well, it’s a celebration of all the brown bears at Katmai National Park and their hard work eating salmon all summer to get as fat as possible before hibernation. Then for a week we humans get to vote for the bears we think are the fattest in a March Madness style bracket competition. And it’s really fun, especially if you love fat bears as much as I do. As someone who is hooked on the bear cams, I tend to vote based on who my favorites are, whether they’re the actual fattest or not. So for me, that’s always my favorite,