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A Brand New Look (Again!)

Is it just me or does it feel like this year is speeding by really quickly? Back in April, I realized that my website and hosting would be up for renewal in May. I’d previously used Squarespace for my site, and it was fine. It made for a pretty site that was relatively easy to update once I figured out how to use it. I was tempted to just renew the site I already had, but part of me has grand visions of expanding past my Etsy shop and eventually selling from my own site as well. I know you can do that with Squarespace. I also considered moving over to Shopify. But I wasn’t quite ready to jump into selling from my own site, and I didn’t really want to pay for something that I might not use yet. And so I found myself back at WordPress. Once

A Long December

Or a long year, really. A long weird year. But a long weird year that somehow managed to fly by and drag on all at the same time. If that even makes sense. But hey, we made it to New Year’s Eve! There were a lot of very bad, terrible, no good things that happened this year. Living through a global pandemic in a country that isn’t really doing much at all to try to stop the spread? Not great! Do not recommend! 0 stars! Would not re-live again! There were, however, some good things that happened, like me finally opening an Etsy shop! And having some successful selling I Voted buttons right off the bat! And creating a holiday card with a drawing of a stack of toilet paper in the shape of a Christmas tree that got crazy insanely popular. Quick roundup of a few places that