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Illustration & Lettering

Happy Earth Day

A quick little drawing in honor of Earth Day today. I’ve recently been thinking about re-doing my website, something I always think about doing every year when it comes up

Other Fun Stuff

Fat Bear Week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s fall, of course, which is the very best season, and we’re a month away from Halloween, which is the very best


A Brand New Look (Again!)

Is it just me or does it feel like this year is speeding by really quickly? Back in April, I realized that my website and hosting would be up for

Illustration & Lettering

A Long December

Or a long year, really. A long weird year. But a long weird year that somehow managed to fly by and drag on all at the same time. If that


Rolling On

Hello, it’s me! The terrible blogger. How is it November already? Have I really not posted anything here since June?


Brand New

It’s a brand new website! After hastily putting together a very nice looking website last summer, I’ve been wanting to re-organize the website a little bit. My original plan a month or so ago was to simply swap some things around rather quickly, but me being me, I couldn’t do things the simple way.